PD30 Series Photoelectric Sensor

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PD30 Series Photoelectric Sensor

Carlo Gavazzi’s miniature photoelectric sensors are high-performance in a compact package

The Carlo Gavazzi PD30 sensor family combines excellent sensing abilities with an optimized compact housing design. Featuring a size of only 10.8 mm x 20 mm x 30 mm, it follows international industry standards. In addition, the PD30 family covers a wide variety of sensing principles to fit requirements of virtually any application: diffuse-reflective, background suppression, retro-reflective with or without polarization, even for transparent objects, as well as through-beam. These PD30 sensors are eminently suited for applications where space saving and high accuracy in detection are of vital importance.

PD30 Stainless Steel

Designed for harsh or hygienic environments. AISI316L stainless steel and high-quality plastics like PEEK, PPSU, and PES sealings of FKM guarantee an outstanding mechanical resistance. IP69K and Ecolab certified.

PD30 Advanced

Sensitivity adjustment is accessible and flexible due to the teach-in and remote teach functions. Using the remote teach, the operator can set the sensor from a PLC. Other features include dust warning and mute input, ensuring that sensor malfunctions are detected quickly and downtime is avoided.

PD30 Basic

The Basic family presents a range of general-purpose sensors: economical and highly efficient. These sensors feature top or back potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment as well as background suppression (BGS) based on a new sensing principle, PointSpot, which increases the sensing distance (200 mm) and improves the detection accuracy of different colors.

  • Superior housing design: stainless or ABS-PMMA
  • Designed to RoHS directive
  • High EMC performance
  • Simple setup
  • Tamper-proof/diagnostic warning (PD30 Advanced)
  • M8 connector or 4-wire cable option
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